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NC Museum of Natural Sciences Wedding

Meredith and John’s NC Museum of Natural Sciences wedding took place over the summer. They were wed in the Nature Research Center.

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (62)


We were wandering around the NC Museum of Natural Sciences last year when we got an email from Meredith inquiring about her wedding. I’m pretty sure I had just mentioned to David how awesome it would be to photograph a wedding there, so needless to say – we were pretty psyched!
We have LOVED being able to get to know Meredith and John over the last year. They’re a really sweet, laid-back couple – and it was such a blast to photograph their fun and quirky science museum wedding in downtown Raleigh. The museum’s Nature Center served as their wedding headquarters for the day, and it was decorated beautifully with a mix of white roses and hydrangea’s from John’s family garden.  Their first dance took place in the interior of the iconic Daily Planet globe – which is really cool! And they finished off the night with a pedicab ride to their favorite neighborhood bar. I love that they were able to make their wedding entirely their own! It was a beautiful day, and we wish them all the best!

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (1)Tell us about your wedding! What was your inspiration?
“We got married on June 25, 2016 at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Downtown Raleigh. We had our ceremony in the atrium of the Nature Research Center and the reception in the exhibits on the same floor. We have lived in Downtown Raleigh for the past 8 years and went on one of our first few dates at the museum. When we found out that they did weddings, we knew we had to check it out!”



How did John propose to you?
“John proposed in Duke Gardens last summer. He had a whole day of events planned after the proposal. We went to brunch then met up with a bunch of friends at an outdoor concert in Carrboro. We love live music and got to see one of our favorite bands, Future Islands. It was an amazing day!”

NC Museum Natural Sciences Wedding Photo, Minted Invitation Suiteaqua and silver themed wedding colors

How did you two meet?
“We met working at Duke TIP in Durham a little over 9 years ago. Our first date was dinner at a little Italian restaurant in Raleigh and seeing the 5th Harry Potter movie on iMax. At the time, I lived in Athens, GA and John lived in Raleigh, so we decided to continue dating long-distance after camp was over.”

holiday inn downtown raleigh wedding photoraleigh bride getting dressed photo, aqua bridesmaid dressesdowntown raleigh hotel wedding prep photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (8)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (9)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (10)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (11)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (12)

What were some of your favorite wedding details? 
“John’s mom and aunt did all of our flowers and they were AMAZING. I loved my bouquet! John’s mom and aunt also added some really nice personal touches to the flowers, like John’s grandma’s pin attached to his boutonniere.”

raleigh-person-street-bar-wedding-rehearsal-photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (14)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (15)downtown-raleigh-bar-wedding-photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (18)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (19)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (21)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (22)NC Nature Research Center Wedding Photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (26)Raleigh NC Nature Research Center Wedding PhotoDowntown Raleigh Science Museum Groomsmen PhotoNC Museum of Natural Sciences Wedding Photo

What are some of Meredith’s best qualities?
“My favorite things about Meredith are her independence and creativity. She’s thoughtful and loving and not afraid to show how much she cares.”

NC Museum Of Natural Sciences Weddingraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (32)


How would you describe John?
“John is hilarious and witty, but he also has a serious side. He’s caring, loyal, and a great cook. I also love how super smart and nerdy he is! :)” 

Groom Portrait on Science Museum Roofraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (34)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (35)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (36)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (38)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (39)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (40)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (41)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (42)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (43)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (44)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (45)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (46)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (47)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (49)

What is your favorite wedding day memory?
“It’s hard to pick one! I really enjoyed spending some time together after the ceremony, just the two of us. We spent about five minutes together breathing a sigh of relief, taking pictures, and just basking in the glow of being newly-married.”

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (50)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (52)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (56)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (57)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (58)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (59)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (60)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (61)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (64)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (65)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (66)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (67)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (68)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (69)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (70)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (71)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (72)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (73)

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their own wedding?
“Plan the details that you can, but don’t stress over the stuff you don’t have control over!”

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (74)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (75)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (76)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (77)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (78)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (79)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (80)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (81)NC Museum Natural Sciences Wedding PhotoRaleigh Natural Science Museum Wedding Guests Sparkler Exitraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (83)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (84)

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
“We traveled up the coast of Maine for our honeymoon – Portland, Rockland, and Bar Harbor.”

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (86)View Meredith and John’s Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session here.


NC Museum of Natural Sciences Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Nature Research Center
Hair & Makeup Artists: Attraction Makeup & Photography
Wedding Cake: Whole Foods
Catering: Rocky Top Catering
Wedding Transportation: Crank Arm Brewing Pedicab
Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals, Carolina Bridal World
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Invitations: Minted


 Erin + Matt’s Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session


Oh my goodness – there are no words for how much we loved shooting this engagement! Erin + Matt wanted a bit of an industrial feel (and lots of color) in their photos, so we headed downtown to the Raleigh Warehouse District for their engagement session. It was so much fun just to walk around and get to know them a little better. As wedding photographers, we’re constantly trying to find ways to make couples comfortable being affectionate with one another in front of the camera, but with Erin and Matt…we never had that problem. These two couldn’t keep their hands off one another. So cute!

Erin + Matt are one of the loveliest couples we’ve ever met, and we couldn’t be more excited about shooting their North Carolina Museum of Art wedding this weekend! In the meantime, here’s a peek at their Warehouse District + Arboretum engagement session:



How did the two of you meet?
Matt: “At a pool party – my roommate, Sean, worked with Erin and he thought that we should meet. So I had him bring her to a pool party that we were going to one afternoon.”

Erin: “I was invited to a pool party by one of my co-workers, but was a little reluctant to go. After some persuading and a promise to meet some new people, I decided to go and check it out. There, I saw some old friends from college and one man in particular caught my eye. I didn’t know this guy and had never met him before, but I was pretty determined to talk to him and get his attention – little did I know, I was set up! Matt and I hit it off and enjoyed great conversation, chicken fights in the pool, flip cup, and just hanging out. From day 1, I think we both knew it…it was a crazy attraction and as silly as it seems, love at first sight!”


Where did you go on your first date?
Erin: Lynnwood Grill in Raleigh. Matt will say that I stood him up for our first date, but I didn’t…that wasn’t an official date. I was supposed to meet him and his friends for drinks but was unable to.”

Matt: “Lynnwood Grill in Raleigh (if you don’t count the time she stood me up.)

Raleigh-Warehouse-Engagement-PhotoRaleigh-NC-Couple-PhotographersRaleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (25)

What is your favorite thing about Matt?
Erin: “He has a nice butt and blue eyes I can get lost in. But seriously, he is my everything and I can’t imagine life without him.

Raleigh-Engagement-PhotoRaleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (35)Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo

How did Matt propose to you?
“On a private beach in Key West.  …After dinner and the sun had set, Matt asked if I wanted to walk with him to the beach. …After getting out to the beach and sitting on some Adirondack chairs, we enjoyed a cigar together and casually chatted about the day, week and random topics before I noticed Matt had started stumbling over his words and his hands grew sweatier than normal. I finally stopped him mid-sentence and asked, “Love, are you okay?” He used some choice words, reached in his pocket and got down on his knee!!! Matt said – “My love, will you marry me!?!” I can’t even tell you how my heart kept from leaping out of my chest at that very moment! I proceeded to jump on him and remember kissing him while laughing and enjoying the moment in complete awe…I was going to marry this man. After some time, Matt pulled my face away and exclaimed, “You haven’t even answered ME!!” I also let some choice words fly out before saying, “Of COURSE I will marry you!!!” 

Raleigh-Downtown-Engagement-PhotoRaleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (43)Raleigh-Arboretum-Engagement-Photo

What do you like to do together in your spare time?
Matt: “We like to travel and experience new things. Anything outdoors.”

Raleigh-NC-Engagement-PhotographersJC-Raulston-Arboretum-Engagement-PhotoRaleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (47)


Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (53)
Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (55)Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (59)

How would you describe Erin?
Matt: “She is my best friend. …She’s laid-back and easy-going”Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photo (62)