Wedding Tips: 3 Reasons NOT To Skip The Engagement Session!

3 Reasons NOT To Skip The Engagement Session!

3 Reasons NOT to skip the engagement session!

“Do we really need an engagement session? They aren’t all that important are they?”

One of the most common questions we get from couples is whether or not they should do an engagement session.
…And the short answer? YES!
We feel so strongly about the importance of engagement sessions, that we include a complimentary session with all of our wedding collections. Whether it’s helping us get to know one another, determine which poses work best for you, or just providing you with awesome images for your Save the Dates, engagement sessions can help you feel more confident on your wedding day!

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It’s our job to tell your love story. So we need to see how you interact with one another, what your individual personalities are like, and what makes you laugh. In order to truly capture YOU, we need to get to know YOU better.  …And the only way to do that is to get you in front of our cameras!

But in case you’re still not sure how much you love the idea of an engagement session yet, here are a few reasons why we think they’re so very important!

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1. You Get To Know US.
You might not realize it yet, but do you know who the one person you’ll spend more time with on your wedding day than anyone else is? Your photographer! From the moment you put on the dress to the grand exit, we’re going to be glued to your side. So it’s pretty important that you feel comfortable with us and like having us around!
An engagement session is a great way to break the ice and get to know us a little better. You’ll get a chance to see how we work so that when the wedding day rolls around…you’ll already know what to expect! Plus, since you’ll have already seen images we’ve taken of you – you’ll already trust us and won’t need to spend the day worrying if we’ll do an awesome job!
This will also be a great time for us to chat about your wedding day plans and give you a few tips about planning out your itinerary.

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2. It Gives Us A Chance To Get To Know You (and your most flattering angles!)
Yep! Not only is an e-session great practice for you – it’s a good way for us to figure out what works best for you too.
Engagement sessions give us a chance to see how you interact with one another. We’ll get to know you as a couple and as individuals…and that will help us know what we need to watch for on the big day.
And just why is it so important that we get to know you?
Some couples need a lot of direction from us, while others are able to act naturally in front of us right away. So we’ll get a chance to see how much guidance you’ll need and want from us on the wedding day.
We’ll also be able to determine what poses work best for you. Sometimes couples have huge height differences that need a little creative planning or just aren’t comfortable doing certain things, etc. – this gives us a chance to work all of that out before the wedding day, when the timeline is tight and you’re eager to get back to the party with your friends.
Another benefit is that you’ll be able to see your photos and communicate to us what you do/don’t like so that we know to try to capture a more personalized session during the wedding.


3. Your Wedding Photos Will Rock!
Chances are you’re not a celebrity…  So if you aren’t used to having cameras in your face, or if you’ve ever claimed you weren’t ‘photogenic’ – you might need a little practice to help you get comfortable in front of the camera.
We want to capture real smiles and laughter – not just the cheese face you bust out whenever a lens is pointed your way.  (And besides – do you really want your wedding day to be the first time we work together?!)
An engagement session will help you feel more confident in your wedding day portraits.

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“I usually hate my picture being taken… But you have an amazing knack for capturing the real us in photos!” – Jennifer Merrill

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