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Old Wide Awake Plantation Wedding

Pamela + Alex were wed at the Old Wide Awake Park in Hollywood, SC.

Angel-Oak-Charleston-Wedding-PhotoCharleston is possibly my favorite US city, so any excuse to shoot a wedding there is a dream! Pamela and Alex’s destination wedding at the Old Wide Awake Plantation in Hollywood, SC. was no exception. I was so excited that they picked this as their venue. Set against the Stono River, the grounds are lined with historic oaks full of spanish moss; it’s romantic and full of southern charm! Pam and Alex are one of the sweetest couples, and their wedding day was lovely. From her gorgeous, colorful bouquet to the orange adorned garland and gold flatware, every detail was perfect.

Wide Awake Park Wedding Photo

Pink and Yellow Peony and Anenome Wedding Bouquet

B&W Groom Getting Ready Prep Photo

How did Alex propose?
“The first gift Alex got Pamela was a stuffed Red Panda. A few years later, we went to Lincoln, Nebraska for the weekend of Alex’s birthday. The first stop was to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, but when we arrived the zoo was closed! Nonetheless, Alex waltzed up to the gate and knocked. We were let in and told we would be feeding the young Red Pandas! We got to go in the cage with them and feed them apples, which was such a cool (and cute) experience. When the apples ran out, Pamela turned around and Alex was on one knee!”

Emerald Engagement Ring Macro Detail Photo

Bridal Prep Styled Details Photo

Tell us about your wedding!
“Our wedding was held at Wide Awake Park in Hollywood, South Carolina. We loved this venue because it felt like it a secluded getaway from everyday life. We wanted our guests to be able to escape into the natural beauty and have fun being together!”

Dad helping Groom adjust bowtie photo

Blush and gold wedding details photo

Mom helping bride dress prep photo

Non-first look wedding photo

Pamela and Alex wanted to save the first look for their ceremony, but still wanted to spend a few minutes together. So they exchanged love notes they’d written just before the ceremony. So sweet!

bride and groom exchanging love letters photo

Faux First Look Wedding Photo

Wide Awake Park Wedding Ceremony Photo

Coastal weather is always so unpredictable. The rain paused just long enough for their ceremony, thankfully. So these two were able to say their vows under the beautiful oak trees overlooking the Stono River as planned.

Cute Ringbearer Signs Wedding Ideas Photo

Hollywood SC Wedding Photo

Old Wide Awake Plantation Wedding Photo

Wide Awake Park Wedding Photographers


Coastal Charleston Wedding Photo

What do you love most about Alex?
“I’ve never met a nicer, more level-headed person. We’ve been together for almost four years and the only time I’ve heard him yell is while watching sports!”

Colorful Wedding Party Photo; yellow dresses and tulle skirts

wide awake park hollywood wedding photo

What qualities do you admire most in Pamela?
“Beyond being the kindest, most beautiful person I’ve even met, I love how passionate Pamela is.  Whether it’s play or work, she gives it everything she’s got. I’m not sure she even knows what the phrase “giving up” even means.”


rainy wide awake park wedding photo

Hollywood SC Wedding Photo

old wide awake plantation wedding reception photo



We also love when couple’s aren’t afraid to break tradition and make their wedding day their own. These two love games more than dancing, so they opted to spend the evening playing classic lawn games with their friends. Several stations of horseshoes, croquet, cornhole, and giant beer bong were set up throughout the park – allowing guests to bond and enjoy a low-key evening.

southern lawn games wedding reception photo

What was the most fun part of wedding planning for you?
“For Pamela, it was the dress! She designed it herself and seeing it all come together was a lot of fun. Alex said, ‘tasting the food, of course! I also enjoyed putting together the game plan (ha) for the yard games.'”

lawn games wedding reception photo

spring pink peony and anenome bouquet; charleston wedding photo

hollywood sc wedding photo

wide awake park wedding photo

old wide awake plantation wedding photoAngel Oak Bridal Photo


bride and groom photo ideas

stono river wedding photo

charleston plantation wedding photo

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
“We’re going to go to Trinidad & Tobago!”



Wedding Vendor Love:
Thanks to the following vendors for making Pamela and Alex’s Old Wide Awake Plantation and Park wedding so wonderful!

Wedding Venue: Wide Awake Park 
Officiant: Carolyn Pryor, Sea/Side Ceremonies
Florist: Charleston Blooms 
Catering: Swig & Swine
Wedding Dress: The bride’s design via Dress Gallery in Wichita, KS
Bridesmaid Dresses: custom Jasmine Bridal via Dress Gallery
Groomsmen & Groom Attire: Michael Kors via Dress Gallery
Flower Girl Dresses: Tip Top via Dress Gallery
Invitations: Pamela Fey
Engagement Ring: The bride’s design via Burnell’s Jewelry,Wichita, KS
Bride’s Wedding Band: SONGofDESIGNS on Etsy
Groom’s Wedding Band: custom via cldiamonds on Etsy
Video Guest Book: MVP Photo Booth Charleston
Sound equipment: Lowcountry Sound & Stage
Event Rentals: Snyder Events


A Bluemont Vineyard Wedding in Bluemont, Virginia

Natasha + John ( + Scobey bear!)

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo


Bluemont Vineyard was the first wedding venue that Natasha and John toured after becoming engaged, and they immediately knew this was the perfect space for their fall vows. Nestled into the side of a mountain, the venue boasts amazing views of the Loudoun Valley overlooking the vineyard and orchards below. The stable would also be perfect for their “Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ” rustic chic fête. Natasha knew she wanted their wedding day to be a celebration that incorporated all of the things they loved…including their pup, Scobey!
And it was such a beautiful wedding for these two! Natasha and John are so sweet together – and we loved that John could barely keep it together every time he saw his beautiful bride (or mom!) It was adorable! We adored being able to document Natasha and John’s day and wish them all the best! Congrats, you two!

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding PhotoBluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Tell us about your wedding inspiration and venue!
  “John and I were married at Bluemont Vineyard, in Bluemont, Virginia on October 09, 2015. When we were doing site visits in early 2014, Bluemont Vineyard was the first venue we saw, and we immediately fell in love with it! We loved the history and rustic look of the stable with the high wood beams and stone floors.  The scenery outside was exactly where I dreamed we would be married and we knew it would look even better with the leaves changing in the fall.  John and I knew we wanted to have an outdoor/indoor type wedding, so Bluemont was perfect for us. We actually didn’t visit any other sites after Bluemont, and quickly booked the venue soon after.
The theme for our wedding was, “Beer, Bourbon and BBQ.” John and I love all three and we wanted our wedding to reflect our love for good drinks and food. I incorporated the bourbon theme by using empty bourbon bottles as our centerpieces and we even had a specialty bourbon cocktail, “The Bourbon Smash.” I especially love all things “southern.” I had three different sets of cocktail napkins – one said, “cheers y’all”, another had our monogrammed initials, “NEJ” and the last was GOP themed (I work in politics and John and I are very active in that community.)”

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo



Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding PhotoBluemont-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo


What qualities in John do you most admire?
“John is extremely funny, witty, loyal, and has a big heart. He’s the type of friend where if you need anything at 3 in the morning, he’s there for you, no questions asked. I admire how protective John is, and how much he shows he loves me, our dog, and our families. John is a family man with upstanding values and morals. He could not wait to get married, and he especially could not wait to wear a ring to symbolize our marriage – to me that is so sweet because it shows how he could not wait to be a husband and eventually a dad to our “real” children!”

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding PhotoBluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo VirginiaBluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding PhotoBluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

How did you and John meet?
“John and I met on December 06, 2008 through a mutual friend, Victoria. I was new to the DC area (having just graduated college in Florida), and John lived and went to school in Virginia. It was our friend’s 21st birthday, and knowing I was new to the area, Victoria invited me out to celebrate with her friends just so I could meet more people. I met John that night but I was much more interested in watching my alma mater, South Florida Bulls, play a huge rival that I wasn’t paying much attention to him. After the game (which we ended up losing), John and I talked the rest of the night and he tried to cheer me up. He was so funny and charming that I was disappointed he didn’t ask for my number at the end of the night. The next day, I called Victoria, and asked her to give John my number and he called me later that evening. We began dating a few weeks after that!”


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

What qualities do you most admire in Natasha?
“I admire Natasha’s compassion and ability to feel other’s pain and emotions. I admire her ability to comfort those around her. Although not always so, Natasha’s patience. I also love her intelligence, drive, and ambition. She is also a culinary master who loves to take care of those around her by providing the comfort of a home cooked meal. I can’t wait to have children with her because I know she will be such a great mother and will instill so many great qualities upon them.”


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

What is your favorite wedding day memory?
“One of our fondest memories of the day was spending time with our friends and family who we haven’t seen in a while. Most of my friends and family live in Florida or over on the west coast, and John’s father lives in Arizona, so it was nice to have everyone be in the same room together. We loved seeing everyone having fun, and enjoying all the wedding festivities like cornhole, the fire pit, and the s’mores bar. Best of all, our favorite memory was coming to the realization that we were finally married!!”


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding PhotoBluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

How did John propose to you?
“John proposed to me on December 06, 2013. He contacted my best friend, Alecia (who was my MOH) and told her his plans. She called me and asked if I would fly down to Florida that weekend to go wedding dress shopping with her. Of course I agreed. After John had dropped me off at the airport in Washington DC (our home), unbeknownst to me, he then drove home and grabbed our dog and a packed bag and began his 800 mile trek to Florida.  He arrived 14 hours later in Orlando in order to sit down with my father and ask for my hand in marriage.  He then drove two more hours to Tampa and checked into our hotel for the night where he eagerly waited for the huge surprise.  Later that day, Alecia and I had plans to meet up with some friends in downtown Tampa. As we were walking around, looking for our friends, I noticed a big group of people getting their photo taken and I had thought I stepped into their picture. At the time, I had no idea the group of people were actually our friends who were there to witness the entire proposal. As I was walking towards them, Scobey our dog comes running out behind the wall and that’s when I knew. Scobey was wearing a shirt that read, “Daddy has a question” and John comes from behind the wall shortly after. It was such a surprise because I had no idea he was planning on proposing. The entire proposal was extra special because John made sure we were in Tampa, that our dog was involved, and that we were surrounded by our friends who we consider family.”



Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Did you have any favorite wedding details?
“John and I love our sweet pup, Scobey Bear, and so for our wedding, I wanted to include a little piece of “home” on all our guest’s tables. A couple weeks before the wedding, I asked our friends and family to submit a photo of their dog to me. I framed each picture and placed the appropriate photo on each guest’s table. While I did have table numbers, I called each table by the dog’s name. So for example, our friend’s Meghan and JJ sat at the “Zoe and Ghost” table (they have two huskies.) Each table setting was so personal to our guests and everyone was able to have their dog with them at the wedding. I also love monogrammed letters and I had to make sure I got a customized monogram wiht our new initials hanging up in the venue.”

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo


Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photo

What advice do you have for couples currently planning their own weddings?
“Relax, have a few drinks, and push through it. Make sure the day-of you really get to enjoy your wedding day. Sit and eat dinner, dance with your friends and family, and take a moment to look around to appreciate your hard work and planning.”






Virginia Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: Bluemont Vineyard
Officiant: Larry Ung
Wedding Coordinator: Amy Thunell, Bluemont Vineyard
Hair & Makeup Artist: Jamie D’Agostino 
DJ Entertainment Services: Archon DJ Services
Catering: Savoir Faire Limited
Wedding Dress: Casablanca Bridal via White Swan Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids 
Groomsmen & Groom Attire: Black by Vera Wang via Men’s Warehouse 
Videographers: White In Revery

A Pembroke Hall Wedding

Carissa + Ach | Edenton, NC


It doesn’t get more fairy tale than this gorgeous worldly themed wedding at the historic Pembroke Hall overlooking Edenton Bay. Carissa and Ach met while they were both studying in Paris and fell in love while he introduced her to the city.  Pembroke Hall was the perfect setting for their ‘worldly wedding!’ This charming Greek Revival home has been a landmark for Edenton since 1850. With a huge, landscaped garden area and tons of natural light streaming into the home – we were in photographer heaven!

We loved all of the details, from the heart-shaped confetti made from maps and globe centerpieces to their bilingual signs for guests. And I was so happy to see that Ach had a wooden bowtie! So fun! Carissa , of course, was a gorgeous bride who completed her ensemble with a parasol and floral crown. These two were both amazing, kind, and so very lovely – I don’t think we’ve ever felt more welcomed at a wedding.

Congrats, Carissa + Ach! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!


Bridal Hair at John Gay Studios, Edenton NCEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyJohn Gay Studios Bridal Makeup, Edenton NCEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyPembroke Hall Wedding Photo EdentonEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyPembroke Hall Wedding | Edenton NC PhotographerEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyBridal Details, Edenton NC Wedding PhotographerEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-Photographers (13)Edenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-Photographers (15)Edenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-Photography

What is your favorite wedding day memory?
“There are so many to choose from… but I’d say the best moment was the few minutes directly after the ceremony. After walking back through the crowd, it was just us, talking and soaking in the moment.”

Edenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyNC Wedding First Look PhotoEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyPembroke Hall NC Wedding PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-Photography

How did Ach propose to you?
“It was the day after Valentine’s Day during a vacation to Venice, Italy. We had already talked about marriage but he surprised me by preparing an official proposal. We were sitting near a lovely canal, waiting for our dinner reservation, when he pulled out a ring.”

Edenton NC Wedding PhotographersEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-Photographers (37)

How did you and Ach meet?
“One of my first roommates when I moved to Paris was a good friend of his. At first, we all hung out in big groups. Not long after, he offered to show me around the city and help with my French. It didn’t take long for it to become just the two of us. Paris is the best place on Earth to fall in love!”

Edenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton NC Wedding Photo
Edenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton Bay Wedding PhotoEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton NC Wedding Photography; peacocks


What’s your favorite way to unwind together?
“We love being outdoors. We enjoy going for long spontaneous walks around the city, relaxing in parks and enjoying great food. We also really enjoy taking in the calm of the mountains or countryside. Most of all, we just like doing things together.”

Edenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyPembroke Hall Edenton Wedding PhotoEdenton-NC-Wedding-Photography

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their own weddings?
“Hire a coordinator for the day of the wedding, otherwise you are bound to forgot or not have time for important details.”

Pembroke Hall, Edenton NC Wedding VenueEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyEdenton-NC-Wedding-PhotographyPembroke Hall Wedding Photo; Edenton NCNC Pembroke Hall Wedding Photography

What were some of your favorite wedding details?
“The table numbers with the map hearts, the globes, and the ceremony set up.”


Edenton, NC Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Venue: Pembroke Hall
Officiant: Keith Robinson
Hair + Makeup Artist: John Gay Studios
DJ/Entertainment Services: DJ Cowboy
Wedding Cake: Kelley’s
Catering: Kelley’s
Wedding Dress: Grace Loves Lace
Bridesmaid Dresses: Modcloth
Groom’s Attire: Corneliani
Wooden Bowtie: The Two Guys Bowties










A Harborside East Wedding

Charleston, SC

Mt. Pleasant Wedding - Ravenel Bridge View

Willa + Brad’s Harborside East wedding was charming and classic, much like Willa + Brad. Harborside East is a wedding venue near Patriot’s Point in Mt. Pleasant, just across the harbor from Charleston. It boasts gorgeous views of the Ravenel Bridge making it the perfect venue choice for this sweet couple.

Benjamin Adams Bridal ShoesWedding Day Bridal Prep Photoanxious groom cooling down
Charleston Wedding Bridal PortraitCharleston SC River Wedding PhotoHarborside East Wedding PhotoHarborside East Wedding Mt. Pleasant SCNavy Bridesmaid Dresses - White Rose BouquetMt. Pleasant SC Wedding Photo
Cooper River Bridge Wedding PhotoMount Pleasant Wedding PhotoSC Wedding PhotographerSouth Carolina Wedding PhotographerCharleston Wedding PhotographerAntique Car Getaway Weddingharborside-east-wedding-photo (39)Mt. Pleasant SC Wedding PhotoCharleston Destination Wedding PhotoCala Lily Votive Wedding CenterpieceCharleston Wedding Photoharborside-east-wedding-photo (48)harborside-east-wedding-photo (49)harborside-east-wedding-photo (50)harborside-east-wedding-photo (51)Harborside East Mt Pleasant Weddingharborside-east-wedding-photo (54)Mt Pleasant Harbor Wedding Photoharborside-east-wedding-photo (60)Classic Car Getaway BelAir Wedding

The Vistas Band - Charleston Weddingharborside-east-wedding-photo (63)harborside-east-wedding-photo (66)Charleston SC Wedding Photo

Charleston Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: Harborside East
Officiant: Steve Vickers, Coastal Hospitality
Hair + Makeup: Paloosh Salon + Bellelina
Wedding Dress: Maddison Row
Florist: Horst Florist
DJ / Entertainment: DJ Wendell Gilliam
Live Music: Classical Charleston + The Vistas Band
Catering: Shrimp Boil via Mt. Pleasant Seafood
Bar: Creek Club at I’ON Catering
Wedding Cake: Publix



Kelsey + Zach’s Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard Wedding in Lawndale, NC.

Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard Wedding Photo


Kelsey and Zach first met when they were both 13…but it definitely wasn’t love at first sight! Luckily, they ran into one another a few years later, and have been together ever since.
This sweet couple was recently married at the Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard in Lawndale, North Carolina. Their gorgeous vintage-inspired vineyard wedding was perfect in every way. …And I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many tears shed at a wedding! These two are clearly adored by all of their friends and family. Everyone was just SO excited to be celebrating with them!

blu by mori lee wedding dress photoNC Vineyard Wedding Photos

How did you and Zachary meet?
“We met when we were 13 or so at a motocross race. Both of our brothers were involved and our families were pretty close. We actually used to both despise each other, haha. By coincidence we ended up going to the same town for college and ran into each other one day while out, after not talking or seeing each other for about 5 years. We hung out one day when we were home for Christmas break and have been together ever since!


bride applying makeupgroom getting dressed
peony and hydrangea bridal bouquet photoBaker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (8)


How did Zach propose to you?
“We were at a pond, night fishing, and the ring was hidden in the tackle box when I went to open it.”
mom lacing up brideMaid of Honor placing garter on bridemom clasping bridegroom and groomsmen laughing outsidegroom and groomsmen portraitsgroom and groomsmen wearing fun socks
bride and groomgroom waiting on bridebride and groomBride and Groom First Lookbride and groom wedding portraitsNorth Carolina Farm Wedding Decor PhotoBaker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (170)

What is your favorite way to spend time together?
“We love going to flea markets and thrift stores and looking for antiques and cool old things.”
bride and groom portraits on old wooden swinggroom and mom portraitbride with ring bearer and flowergirlBaker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (59)bride and bridesmaids chugging beer portraitbridal portrait outside southern nc housebride and bridesmaids posing outdoors
bride and groomsmen portraitswedding party portraits outdoorsbridesmaids pink dresses with peony and hydrangea bouquetsBride and Bridesmaids portrait outdoorsbridal portrait on wooden swing with bouquet
vintage birdcage filled with flowers wedding decor wedding party doing shots

What were some of your favorite wedding details?
“Some of our favorite details were the aisle decor, our Vans (shoes), and just the overall vintage feel.

North-Carolina-Outdoor-Wedding-Venue-Photoburlap here comes your girl wedding bannerWedding Ceremony in North CarolinaWhat is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
“Our favorite memory was just being able to spend such a special day with our family and friends. Seeing him standing there as I was walking down the aisle with a grin on his face.”

father walking bride down aisle nc weddingBaker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (34)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (39)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (42)Lawndale-NC-Wedding-Photographer (1)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (43)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (151)

Their vintage chic wedding decor was gorgeous! Antique birdcages filled with flowers, mercury and milk glass canisters, and pearls strung over teapots decorated each guest table.

Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (152)

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their weddings?
“Our best advice would be, “Don’t stress over the small details or minor things, because in the end it will all come together and be perfect!” Also, someone told me to ‘just sit together at your reception and take it all in, even if it’s just for a minute or two.’ That special moment definitely makes a difference.”

Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (80)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (81)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo-(82)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (88)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (89)bride and groomBaker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (77)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (95)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (97)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (101)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (103)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (104)
Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (108)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (109)
Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (111)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (113)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (162)
Lawndale-NC-Wedding-Photographer (2)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (114)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (116)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (117)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (120)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (124)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (123)

Bride and Groom Wedding Portraits in Red BarnBaker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo-(141)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (140)
Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (132)Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (127)bouquet toss photo
candy buffet wedding favors

Baker-Buffalo-Creek-Vineyard-Wedding-Photo (148)bride and groom portraits red barn

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

groomsmen smoking cigars at reception


NC Wedding Vendor Love:
Ceremony + Reception Venue: Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard
Catering: Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard
Florist: University Florist
Officiant: Brad Hall
DJ / Entertainment Services: Roger Jones
Wedding Cake: After a mishap with their wedding cake, Kelsey + her maid of honor made her wedding cake the night before the wedding.
Hair & Makeup Artists: Jacqlyn Pankau
Wedding Dress: Blu by Mori Lee via Poffie Girls
Bridesmaid Dresses: Poffie Girls
Wedding Party Shoes: Vans
Favors: Homemade jam courtesy of Kelsey’s grandmother, Geraldine
Event Rentals: Country Time Party Rentals, Dallas, NC