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A Fred Fletcher Park Engagement

Kate + David


Oh my goodness, you guys! These past two wedding seasons have been crazy, and we realized today that we hadn’t blogged in FOREVER! So we’re going to slowly be catching up the blog over the next couple of weeks, mixing in some older weddings with newer ones. (So basically if you notice that the seasons are all out of order in these next few posts – this is why!)

It’s always fun to meet couples who come to us as referrals from our past brides and grooms. Kate and David were guests at Natalie and David’s Pinehurst wedding last year. They got engaged after relocating to Columbus, but reached out to us once they started planning their own wedding! And we are SO glad they did! We’ve had such a great time getting to know these two over the last year. I always love when we meet with couples and something just clicks!

We started off Kate and David’s engagement session at the JC Raulston Arboretum, finishing up at Fred Fletcher Park in Raleigh. These two are so super sweet, and we had SO much fun at their Franklin Park Conservatory wedding in Ohio this past fall! It was AMAZING, and we can’t wait to share it soon!


How did you and David meet?
“Dave and I agree that the $60 spent on eHarmony was the best ever. We both spotted each other’s profile and started chatting through email. After a couple weeks of exchanging lengthy emails, Dave asked me out for a coffee!”


What are some of your favorite ways to unwind together?
“We love to hike and explore new places together, so we try to travel as much as we can. We like to try new foods and enjoy a quiet night in with a cup of tea cuddled in a blanket.”


Where did you go on your first date?
“We went for a coffee and Dave accompanied me to the Hurricanes charity game where I was taking photos of a friend.”


What are your favorite qualities of Dave’s?
“There is no one thing that is my favorite of David’s! He is my best friend and partner in crime. He challenges me intellectually and is a great partner in conversations. He is really competitive, ha! I hate and love it at the same time. He is a really caring guy.”


What qualities do you admire most in Kate?
“Kate pushes me outside of my comfort zone and challenges me to think outside the box. She plans our adventures and is a great cook!”