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NC Museum of Art Engagement Photos

We photographed Paige + Philip’s engagement session at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh. These two will be tying the knot at the NCMA in the fall, so it was a great chance to walk the grounds together and discuss the day of logistics. The NCMA and adjacent park is HUGE and filled with so many amazing locations for photos – it was also a perfect chance for us to use some of the farther out locations that we might not be able to make it to on the wedding day.
My favorite part of the session though, happened when Philip changed into his second outfit. You know it’s a good sign when your couple ends up wearing the same outfit as you – and David and Philip were the cutest outfit twins! Seriously though, we had SO much fun with these two! It’s always really nice when you meet another couple and they instantly feel like old friends. We’re SO stoked to be celebrating Paige and Philip this fall. We can already tell these two are going to be throwing one amazing wedding!

NC Art Museum Engagement Photo

How did you and Philip meet?
“We met through a family friend that worked in Philip’s department at his job. She is more like an older sister to me (because our parents are childhood best friends.) After finding out that we were both single, she began to play matchmaker. She set the stage, telling him stories about us growing up and how pretty I was. Meanwhile, she couldn’t stop saying how great he was – and really cute. She exchanged our phone numbers, and as they say, the rest is history!”

NCMA Engagement PhotoRaleigh Art Museum Engagement Photo

Tell us about your first date!
“Our first date was at the Cheesecake Factory. When I arrived, I waited on the bench by the front doors and suddenly, I see this really tall, nice-looking guy approaching me and right then I was really excited. Could be this be him? Oh it was! We spent the next few hours getting to know each other and ended the night with a photo. This was a blind date I’m sure glad I didn’t miss!”

NCMA Engagement PhotographersNCMA Raleigh Engagement Photo

Tell us a little about your upcoming wedding!
“Our wedding is going to be November 18, 2017 at the North Carolina Museum of Art. We will have our ceremony in the East Building among the many walls of art. Following that will be our reception in the West Building, where we hope to celebrate and dance the night away with our closest family and friends. We are envisioning a modern celebration with formal attire and a great time had by all!”

Art Museum Engagement PhotoNorth Carolina Art Museum Engagement PhotoRodin Sculpture Garden Engagement PhotoRaleigh NC Engagement Photo

Philip, what do you love most about Paige?
“Paige is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She is always looking out for others and her kindness and love is evident in everything she does. Her positive energy and unwavering support makes everything in my life better and helps me through any bad day I may have. She makes me want to be a better person and I could ask for nothing else in a partner.”

Raleigh Engagement PhotographersNCMA Raleigh Engagement PhotosNCMA Park Engagement PhotosRaleigh Museum Engagement PhotoRaleigh NC Engagement Photo

How did Philip propose?
“It was a Tuesday night while I was cooking dinner. He asked me to come look at something in the spare bedroom he was working on for his parents – since they were coming within the next few days. I was bewildered! What could he have done without my knowledge? So we made our way up to the room and I still had no idea what was going on. He opened the closet doors and pulled out an empty Star Wars Lego box and put his hand in it. I had butterflies because I was hoping that it was ‘The Time’, but still had no clue what he was thinking. Then he looked me in the eye and said some wonderful things, which I can’t remember because I was so stunned. He then got down on one knee and asked me to be with him forever. We both started cryin as I said, ‘of couse!’ It was the most perfect moment and in true fashion, he did not cease to amaze me with his grandmother’s diamond in the setting we loved. After 5 years, you can say I was beyond ready to be his forever!”

Engagement Ring on Rocks Detail PhotoSweet NCMA Engagement Photos

How would you describe Philip?
“Philip is a very hard working, driven individual that puts his all into everything he does. As my partner in life, he is my rock; always grounding me and showing me what true love really means. He is also very caring and devoted, wearing his heart on his sleeve. Philip is hilarious, making me laugh constantly! I believe the most important quality he possesses is his endearment. He never lets a conversation end without saying ‘I love you.’ I cherish that about him.

Raleigh NCMA Engagement PhotoWedding Ring Macro PhotoNC Art Museum Engagement PhotographersRaleigh Engagement PicturesRaleigh NCMA Engagement Pics
What are your favorite ways to unwind together?
“We are homebodies, so if you happen to catch us on any given week night – we are probably watching an old episode of Seinfeld, while he is helping me cook a new recipe in the kitchen. On the weekends, you can count on something sports related being watch on TV! Even though we don’t do it often enough, we love to travel. And by that, I mean taking a road trip with each other. Whether we are traveling to meet family or friends, we always try to make time to go exploring new things on our own.

Raleigh Art Hoops Engagement PhotoRaleigh Engagement Photos in FieldRaleigh Smokestack Engagement PhotoEngagement Photos inside Art Museum
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NC Museum of Natural Sciences Wedding

Meredith and John’s NC Museum of Natural Sciences wedding took place over the summer. They were wed in the Nature Research Center.

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (62)


We were wandering around the NC Museum of Natural Sciences last year when we got an email from Meredith inquiring about her wedding. I’m pretty sure I had just mentioned to David how awesome it would be to photograph a wedding there, so needless to say – we were pretty psyched!
We have LOVED being able to get to know Meredith and John over the last year. They’re a really sweet, laid-back couple – and it was such a blast to photograph their fun and quirky science museum wedding in downtown Raleigh. The museum’s Nature Center served as their wedding headquarters for the day, and it was decorated beautifully with a mix of white roses and hydrangea’s from John’s family garden.  Their first dance took place in the interior of the iconic Daily Planet globe – which is really cool! And they finished off the night with a pedicab ride to their favorite neighborhood bar. I love that they were able to make their wedding entirely their own! It was a beautiful day, and we wish them all the best!

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (1)Tell us about your wedding! What was your inspiration?
“We got married on June 25, 2016 at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Downtown Raleigh. We had our ceremony in the atrium of the Nature Research Center and the reception in the exhibits on the same floor. We have lived in Downtown Raleigh for the past 8 years and went on one of our first few dates at the museum. When we found out that they did weddings, we knew we had to check it out!”



How did John propose to you?
“John proposed in Duke Gardens last summer. He had a whole day of events planned after the proposal. We went to brunch then met up with a bunch of friends at an outdoor concert in Carrboro. We love live music and got to see one of our favorite bands, Future Islands. It was an amazing day!”

NC Museum Natural Sciences Wedding Photo, Minted Invitation Suiteaqua and silver themed wedding colors

How did you two meet?
“We met working at Duke TIP in Durham a little over 9 years ago. Our first date was dinner at a little Italian restaurant in Raleigh and seeing the 5th Harry Potter movie on iMax. At the time, I lived in Athens, GA and John lived in Raleigh, so we decided to continue dating long-distance after camp was over.”

holiday inn downtown raleigh wedding photoraleigh bride getting dressed photo, aqua bridesmaid dressesdowntown raleigh hotel wedding prep photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (8)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (9)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (10)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (11)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (12)

What were some of your favorite wedding details? 
“John’s mom and aunt did all of our flowers and they were AMAZING. I loved my bouquet! John’s mom and aunt also added some really nice personal touches to the flowers, like John’s grandma’s pin attached to his boutonniere.”

raleigh-person-street-bar-wedding-rehearsal-photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (14)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (15)downtown-raleigh-bar-wedding-photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (18)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (19)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (21)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (22)NC Nature Research Center Wedding Photoraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (26)Raleigh NC Nature Research Center Wedding PhotoDowntown Raleigh Science Museum Groomsmen PhotoNC Museum of Natural Sciences Wedding Photo

What are some of Meredith’s best qualities?
“My favorite things about Meredith are her independence and creativity. She’s thoughtful and loving and not afraid to show how much she cares.”

NC Museum Of Natural Sciences Weddingraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (32)


How would you describe John?
“John is hilarious and witty, but he also has a serious side. He’s caring, loyal, and a great cook. I also love how super smart and nerdy he is! :)” 

Groom Portrait on Science Museum Roofraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (34)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (35)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (36)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (38)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (39)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (40)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (41)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (42)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (43)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (44)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (45)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (46)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (47)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (49)

What is your favorite wedding day memory?
“It’s hard to pick one! I really enjoyed spending some time together after the ceremony, just the two of us. We spent about five minutes together breathing a sigh of relief, taking pictures, and just basking in the glow of being newly-married.”

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (50)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (52)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (56)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (57)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (58)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (59)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (60)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (61)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (64)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (65)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (66)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (67)
raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (68)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (69)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (70)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (71)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (72)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (73)

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their own wedding?
“Plan the details that you can, but don’t stress over the stuff you don’t have control over!”

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (74)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (75)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (76)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (77)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (78)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (79)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (80)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (81)NC Museum Natural Sciences Wedding PhotoRaleigh Natural Science Museum Wedding Guests Sparkler Exitraleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (83)raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (84)

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
“We traveled up the coast of Maine for our honeymoon – Portland, Rockland, and Bar Harbor.”

raleigh-nc-museum-natural-sciences-wedding (86)View Meredith and John’s Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session here.


NC Museum of Natural Sciences Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Nature Research Center
Hair & Makeup Artists: Attraction Makeup & Photography
Wedding Cake: Whole Foods
Catering: Rocky Top Catering
Wedding Transportation: Crank Arm Brewing Pedicab
Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals, Carolina Bridal World
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Invitations: Minted

An NC Museum of Art Wedding // Erin + Matt
North Carolina Museum of Art Wedding photo

You guys, I am SO excited to finally share this wedding! I’m pretty sure the NCMA is one of my all-time favorite wedding venues. David and I already spend so much time there as guests…so to be able to do what we love on their beautiful grounds? Total bliss!  There are so many hidden gems throughout the art museum and accompanying park. I could have spent all day dragging these two around! Erin and Matt were wed in the North Carolina Museum of Art’s Wheeler Garden last fall. Their entire wedding was filled with so much love and laughter…it was a perfect day!

Erin and Matt are such awesome, genuine people. I loved that throughout the day their friends and family kept approaching us to share stories of their relationship and personalities. Everyone seemed to want to stress to us what an easy-going and fun couple they are – a perfect complement to one another. (And we totally agree!) David and I were so honored to be able to document one of the happiest days of their lives.We wish them all the best in their new lives together!


NCMA Wedding Photonc-museum-art-wedding-photo (17)NC Museum of Art Wedding PhotoNC Art Museum Weddingnc-museum-art-wedding-photo (1)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (8)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo-(9)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (13)

What is your favorite wedding day memory?
Erin: “The First Look. It was such a special moment for Matt and I to see each other before everyone else, and it helped calm my nerves prior to walking down the aisle. We felt so much love from our family and friends the whole day…that kind of feeling you never forget.”
Matt: “The First Look, of course! …Walking down the aisle, the exit – all of it!”

nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (18)NC Museum Art Wedding Photonc-museum-art-wedding-photo-(21)Museum of Art Wedding Photonc-museum-art-wedding-photo (37)NC Art Museum Wedding PhotoNCMA Wedding Ceremony PhotoNCMA Wedding Ceremony PhotoArt Museum Wedding Raleigh nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (77)NCMA Raleigh Wedding Party PhotoNC Museum Art Wedding Groomsmen PhotoGroomsmen Pose NCMA Wedding nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (87)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (29)NCMA Wedding Bridal Portrait

What were some of your favorite wedding details?
Erin: “The dress…nothing has ever fit me like that dress!! I adored the flowers and the M + E wooden medallion my dad made for each bouquet. The detail we scrambled a bit for was our exit, but in the end, I loved the LED balloons as it provided soft lighting and a unique touch.”
Matt: “The dance floor was awesome with the light tree in the background! I also loved the LED balloons for our exit.”

NCMA Wedding PhotoNCMA Wedding Photo OuttakeNCMA Wedding Party Photonc-museum-art-wedding-photo (109)NC Museum Art Raleigh Wedding PhotoSilver Necklace as Bridesmaid GiftsArt Museum Wedding Party Photonc-museum-art-wedding-photo (128)Raleigh Art Gallery Wedding Photonc-museum-art-wedding-photo (166)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo-(168)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (171)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (178)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo-(151)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (161)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (130)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (132)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (134)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo-(139)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (145)

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their own weddings?
Erin: “Finalize all of the major details far in advance: venue, # of guests, photographer, caterer, DJ, and florist. For the smaller details, really focus on what would represent you and the groom. You will get a lot of ideas and recommendations from others, but stick to what you want. For me, I took a little time to myself for a mani & pedi + massage on the week of the wedding. This is a chance to rest and enjoy the moment…once your guests arrive, it gets a little hectic!”

nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (152)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (155)
nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (157)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (183)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (184)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (153)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (185)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (189)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo (193)nc-museum-art-wedding-photo-(197)Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Erin: “Matt and I took a mini-moon to the mountains. We stayed at the Bear Cub cabin in Leatherwood Mountains in North Carolina. It was just perfect for us to be together and enjoy the things we love while relishing in the fact that we are newlyweds. The leaves were changing and created the perfect backdrop for hiking…and wine in the hot tub! We are planning to take a longer honeymoon next year.”

Bride and Groom exiting NCMA with LED Balloons
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Raleigh Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: North Carolina Museum of Art: NCMA
Officiant: Mark Rachaels
Wedding Planner: Morgan Greer of NCMA
Hair + Makeup Artists: Lux Salon
Florist: Watered Garden Florist
DJ / Entertainment Services: DJ Joe Bunn via Bunn DJ Company
Wedding Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes
Catering: Iris Restaurant via NCMA
Wedding Dress: Bridal Mart
Bridesmaid Dresses: Savvi Formal Wear
Groom + Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Invitations: Sarah Price, girlfriend of Bride’s brother
Wedding Rings: Jewelry by Johan