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Wilmington & Fayetteville North Carolina Bridal Portrait Photography

Leslie-Alford Mims House Bridal Portraits

Mims House Bridal Photo

Now that Heather and Jason are married (yay!!), we can finally share a few images from Heather’s bridal session this past spring.

We photographed Heather’s bridal portraits at the Leslie-Alford Mims House in downtown Holly Springs, NC. This was our first time visiting Mims House, and we can’t recommend it enough! This historic mid-1800s home mixes southern charm and modern chic perfectly. Every single room is gorgeous! And I can never get enough of a pretty southern porch. Mims House is seriously the perfect venue for bridal portraits and weddings.

And speaking of, here’s a peek at Heather’s bridals! Isn’t she such a stunning bride?!  She totally rocked this gorgeous Oleg Cassini wedding dress!


Holly Springs Bridal Photographers(Love this quirky groom room!)

Mims House Bridal Portraits

Mims House Bridal PicsBridal Photos, Holly Springs NCMims House Bridal Portraits

Mims House Wedding Photo

Katie’s North Carolina Farm Bridal PortraitsNorth Carolina Farm Bridal Portraits

Katie’s family owns a farm just outside of Raeford, North Carolina. Her parents spent the year before her wedding converting Legacy Farms into the perfect venue for Katie’s wedding…and it’s so lovely! Katie and Bryan tied the knot this past fall, so we can finally share her bridal portraits! Isn’t she stunning?!
sunset bridal portraits on NC farmfall bridal portraits on farmNorth Carolina Farm Bridal PortraitsNC-Farm-Bridal-Photographerbridal portrait with horses




Britta’s Greenfield Lake Bridals in Wilmington, NC.


We loved photographing Britta’s bridal portraits in Wilmington over the summer. Britta is such a joy to be around – she’s seriously the most energetic, happy person I’ve ever met!
We started off the bridal session in downtown Wilmington, and then headed to Greenfield Lake Park to finish up the session. The crepe myrtle’s were in full bloom…and it ended up being a really gorgeous day. (BTW – if you’ve ever had a desire to go paddleboating in a lake full of alligators – Greenfield Lake is the place for you!)

Britta + Mark’s wedding was gorgeous, and we can’t wait to share those photos soon…but for now, a few bridals from the summer:



Natalie’s Sunset Bridal Portraits at the Weymouth Center in Southern Pines.

Southern Pines Wedding Photographer
Natalie and David were married this weekend at The Fair Barn. It was seriously one of the most gorgeous weddings ever, and we can’t wait to share it soon. But in the meantime, we can finally share Natalie’s sunset bridal portraits! This was our first visit to The Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, and we were so in love with this venue! The camellias were in full bloom and The James Boyd House provided such a pretty backdrop at sunset.

Bridal Portrait at Weymouth Center Southern PinesIsn’t Natalie stunning?! Weymouth Center Bridal Portraits NC Weymouth Center Bridal Photo
This 19th century chair originally belonged to Natalie’s great-great-grandmother. We loved that she brought a few family heirlooms to incorporate into her bridals!
bridal portrait with antique vintage chairbride portrait on antique chairsNorth Carolina Wedding PhotographersBridal Portrait in Southern PinesCampbell House in Southern Pines NCSouthern Pines Bridal Portraits | Weymouth CenterWeymouth Center NC Bridal PhotographerPinehurst NC Bridal PortraitFayetteville-NC-Wedding-PhotoNC Bridal Portrait Photographerbride holding camelliasbridal portrait in front of fountainNC Bridal PortraitsThe Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NCBridal Photographer at Weymouth Center NCmodern bridal portrait photo Southern Pines NC Wedding PhotoWeymouth Center Wedding PhotosWeymouth Center wedding bridal photosspring bridal portraits modernmodern outdoor bridal pose

You can also see Natalie + David’s Duke Gardens Engagement Photos here.

North Carolina Wedding Vendor Credits:
Venue: The Weymouth Center, Southern Pines
Hair & Makeup: The Village Fox Boutique, Pinehurst


Fayetteville, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

We had it all planned out…an overgrown field, soft rolling hills, and a golden sunset.  I was so excited! And then? Crazy storms rolled in!
David and I were only in town for one day, so we spent all afternoon driving around in the rain, trying to find spots that weren’t covered in mud or gigantic puddles. It was a mess! I was so worried that Hallee was going to be disappointed – we’d been planning this off and on for weeks. And downtown alleys? Not exactly what we’ d discussed… But Hallee was amazing! She let us know that she trusted us, and we ended up having a lot of fun with the session.
And that’s kind of what what’s so great about Hallee! She’s just so positive and energetic! I’ve loved getting to know her over the past year and a half. She’s been a total sweetheart every time we’ve met up with her!  (And doesn’t she look GORGEOUS?!)

Fayetteville NC Bridal Portrait PhotographerFayetteville NC Wedding PhotographerFayetteville, NC Bridal PhotographerFayetteville North Carolina rainy Wedding PhotographerFayetteville, NC Bridal Portrait PhotographerFayetteville, NC Wedding Portrait PhotographerFayetteville, North Carolina Wedding PhotographerFayetteville, North Carolina Bridal Portrait PhotographerFayetteville Wedding Ring PhotographerFayetteville, NC Modern Wedding PhotographerFayetteville, NC Wedding PhotographerFayetteville, North Carolina Modern Bridal Portrait PhotographerFayetteville, North Carolina Wedding PhotographerNorth Carolina Wedding PhotographerFayetteville, NC Bridal Photographer

Hallee and Blake were married recently, and their lovely wedding will be shared next week. So check back on Thursday to see the rest! 🙂