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Hi! We’re SO happy you found us!
We’re Ashley and David. We’re a photography duo mostly based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our love of weddings takes us all over the country, which is kind of awesome! We LOVE photographing weddings and being a part of one of the most exciting days of your lives!
We’ve been documenting weddings and awesome couples in love since 2009, though our love of photography started way before that. We adore meeting new couples and creating awesome images together!

We would love to bring our experience and passion for capturing those special moments to your day!

Our Story

David and I ‘accidentally’ became friends in 8th grade. It’s a long story – but let’s just say it was a case of mistaken identity that led us to to one another! 😂 Our friendship was always super flirty, but we didn’t make it official until 2007. And we just celebrated our 11th anniversary in February! Yay!!

We started Ashley + David together in 2009. People always love telling us that they can’t imagine living and working with their partner. But the truth is – we LOVE it! We’ve always worked really well together and I think it brings a unique benefit to our couples too.
(When you’ve basically been together since puberty, you can pretty much read one another’s minds! It definitely helps us keep everything running smoothly on the wedding day!)

On those rare weekends that we’re not photographing weddings, you can find us traveling, exploring local antique shops, or on our quest to find the best pad thai in Raleigh!

ashley and david

Your Wedding Day Experience

We have a laid-back approach to photography and always want your experience with us to be a fun one. We live for genuine moments and like to think we have a knack for bringing these out of our couples. Basically – we never want you to look back on your photos and remember, ‘that’s when the photographer told us to…’ We want you to remember every emotion you felt that day – not the ones we tried to manufacture.

We offer collections for weddings, elopements, and individual sessions. Our collections always include the digital images from your wedding with a full print release. We also offer prints, canvases, guest books, albums and pretty much anything else you could want. So check our our info pages, catch our latest work on the blog, and if you like what you see…let’s chat! We’d love to buy you coffee and hear all about your story!


Why Our Couples Love Us

“Thank you SO much for our pictures! We LOVE them! I can’t believe how well you guys captured the day. There are SOOOO many beautiful pics! OMG… I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE them and to say thank you. We had so many comments about how sweet you both were and how friendly and unobtrusive you guys were during special moments. And of course, now everyone is just loving all of the pictures. THANK YOU!!!”- Madeleine + Bige

“Thank you guys so much for everything you did on the day of the wedding! Helping with dogs, toddlers, loading/unloading cars, carrying my dress, getting ceremony music on a CD, and just everything! You always said the right thing and it REALLY helped me get through that stressful day! I was on the edge of the crazy cliff and all it was going to take was a small breeze to push me over, but having you two there to help with things really helped keep me sane. All of the things like, “You guys look amazing! Your hair looks great! Everything is going to be fine! It’s going to be perfect! I love your earrings! Does this box of stuff need to go to the chapel? I’ll put it in the car! Did I mention how great you look?” …Seriously, it was like therapy, and we really could not have done it without you! And my family members all ADORE you, too! I mean, it was like having photographers/counselors/coordinators/personal assistants/babysitters/dog wranglers/extra family members there during the whole process.” — Hallee + Blake

“You have an amazing knack for capturing the real us in photos!”– Jen + Jimmy

“We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make our wedding amazing! I still don’t know how you put up with all of my emails!!! I really feel like you guys have become great friends! We truly appreciate all of the hard work & planning you have put in to create life long memories for us through pictures. I know that you spent countless hours making ours beautiful. I can honestly say that I consider you friends and I am so glad that you were there to share in our special day. Thanks a million!” – Ashley + Jason S.

“I have been OBSESSING over our wedding photos all weekend! They are so beautiful! We love every single one and feel like you really captured us! We just wanted to thank you both again for all of your hard work. We had so many guests tell us how much fun and how sweet you guys were during the wedding. Thank you!” – Amanda”So, I’m sitting at work, and I almost gave my coworkers a heart attack because I screamed when I got your email! They are absolutely stunning! Thank y’all so much for sharing this day with us! We loved working with you. Thank y’all for everything you did to help make our day special. It was so fun and you helped us be able to relax and not be awkward, ha. Y’all are incredible!”  – Court + J.”I am still swooning over how AMAZING our wedding pictures turned out!!! They could not have been more perfect! Thank you so much to you and David!!!” – Tori + DJ

“Ashley and David were really fantastic to work with for our wedding. We did a brunch garden party wedding at our house and they came out ahead of time so they could see what the venue would look like, understand the lighting for the day, etc. Quite a few guests commented on how they just blended in and they never felt like the photographers were in the way or a distraction. The pics that came back are beautiful! We loved working with these guys! We got lucky to have such a perfect crew at our wedding.” – Paula + Katherine


Q&A with Ashley + David


ashley and david


I took my first photo when I was 6 years old. After weeks of pleading with my parents to let me use their camera, they finally gave in! My mom handed it to me and told me I was allowed to take ONE picture. In true fashion, I made my parents go outside and pose in a variety of ways before I was satisfied. And when I finally pressed that shutter? Hooked! Needless to say, I’ve been obsessed with photography for most of my life!
I adore being able to create beautiful portraits and tell stories with my camera that will be cherished for a lifetime. Cheesy? Maybe a little! But seriously – I feel super lucky to be able to share this passion with others.

Owner + Boss Lady!  As the lead photographer, I’m usually the ‘face’ of Ashley + David Photography. I’ll be scheduling all of your shoots and coffee dates, handling all of the emails, editing, and guiding you along the way. I also live for wedding talk! So if you have questions or need help as you begin planning your big day – I’m always available!

Best advice for couples currently planning their own weddings?

Hire wedding vendors you absolutely LOVE! This is one of the most beautiful days of your life – and you deserve vendors who are just as excited about it as you are!  And definitely make sure to hire a photographer that you click with! You’ll see this person more than your future spouse on your wedding day – so it’s important that you mesh well!


ashley and david

Co-Owner・Second Shooter・Tech Guru
I’ll be tagging along to every shoot and session, capturing your day from an alternate perspective. I’m mostly behind the scenes – making sure the website is running smoothly, and culling + editing your photos to make them perfect. You’ll also come to know me as the guy who carries all of your bags and keys during the engagement session.

What gets you through editing/culling:
Music and comedy podcasts!

What advice do you have for couples planning their weddings?
Be present in each moment. Soak up all of the love and excitement of the day that you can, and don’t stress about the details. There are hiccups in every wedding, but that’s what your planner and photographer are there for…let them take care of you!
Also, decide on your cake and caterer last so you can make a few date nights of some delicious tastings! 🙂

Favorite activity for the rare weekend off?
I try to watch as much college football as possible. (Woo Pig!) Otherwise, I like to relax by cooking and going wherever Ashley drags me.

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