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Hi! We’re Ashley and David, and we’re SO happy you found us!

We’re a photography duo based in Raleigh, North Carolina. We love photographing weddings and being a part of one of the most exciting days of our couple’s lives! We’ve photographed over 100 weddings and engagements in the last 7 years and have adored each one. We would love to bring our experience, dedication and enthusiasm for capturing those special moments to your day! David and I met in junior high and it was definitely not love at first sight, but it’s been pretty awesome the last 9 years and we love getting to produce great wedding photos together. When we’re not photographing fun wedding parties we love to travel and check out the local boutiques, museums, and great thai restaurants, the occasional Netflix binge and constantly coming up short in bar trivia.


ashley and david

Your Wedding Day Experience

We have a laid-back approach to photography and always want your experience with us to be a fun one. We live for genuine moments and like to think we have a knack for bringing these out of our couples. Basically – we never want you to look back on your photos and remember, ‘that’s when the photographer told us to…’ We want you to remember every emotion you felt that day – not the ones we tried to manufacture.

We offer packages for weddings, elopements, and individual sessions. Our collections always include the digital images from your wedding with a full print release, and offer prints, canvases, guest books, albums and much more. Check out our info page, catch up with our latest work on the blog or get in touch with us today.


Why our couples love us

“Thank you guys so much for everything you did on the day of the wedding! Helping with dogs, toddlers, loading/unloading cars, carrying my dress, getting ceremony music on a CD, and just everything! You always said the right thing and it REALLY helped me get through that stressful day! I was on the edge of the crazy cliff and all it was going to take was a small breeze to push me over, but having you two there to help with things really helped keep me sane. All of the things like, “You guys look amazing! Your hair looks great! Everything is going to be fine! It’s going to be perfect! I love your earrings! Does this box of stuff need to go to the chapel? I’ll put it in the car! Did I mention how great you look?” …Seriously, it was like therapy, and we really could not have done it without you! And my family members all ADORE you, too! I mean, it was like having photographers/counselors/coordinators/personal assistants/babysitters/dog wranglers/extra family members there during the whole process.”

— Hallee & Blake


“You have an amazing knack for capturing the real us in photos!”

– Jen & Jimmy


“We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make our wedding amazing! I still don’t know how you put up with all of my emails!!! I really feel like you guys have become great friends! We truly appreciate all of the hard work & planning you have put in to create life long memories for us through pictures. I know that you spent countless hours making ours beautiful. I can honestly say that I consider you friends and I am so glad that you were there to share in our special day. Thanks a million!”

– Ashley & Jason S.


Q&A with Ashley + David


ashley and david

Where do you want to shoot a wedding the most?
The list is huge and constantly being added too. But thankfully we get to check off a few amazing venues each year! Current venues I’m obsessed with are:
Havana, The Smog Shoppe in CA, Haiku Mill in Hawaii, pretty much any plantation in Charleston, The Parker Palm Springs, Big Daddy’s Antiques, Rim Rock Ranch in Joshua Tree, Race + Religious in New Orleans, St. Catherine’s Bell Gable (first wedding photographed there – want a redo), Terrain in Pennsylvania, Vizcaya Museum in Miami,
The Stockroom in Raleigh, and pretty much anywhere in Havana, Iceland, Morocco, or Italy.

If you could photograph any famous person, who would it be?
Bill Murray, of course!

Best advice for couples currently planning their own weddings?
Hire someone you absolutely LOVE! This is one of the most beautiful days of your life – you can’t put a price on that! Find someone you click with and are excited to have capture your story.

What’s your favorite way to unwind?
I love a good road trip! A day of exploring historic districts and museums, discovering some awesome local boutiques + antique shops, and checking out a new restaurant (preferably Thai.)


ashley and david
If you could photograph any famous person, who would it be?
Bill Murray. Hanging out with him for a day seems like it would be a good time.

What gets you through editing/culling:
I have to have headphones and music going or I can’t stay focused on culling and I listen to a lot of hip hop.

What advice do you have for couples planning their weddings?
Always pick your cake and caterer last! And make sure to get at least a couple of delicious tastings out of it!

Favorite activity for that rare Saturday off?
In the fall, I try to watch as much college football as possible! Otherwise, it’s just nice to enjoy a leisurely day off…and going wherever Ashley drags me.

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